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Prof. Dr. Hendrik Jürges
Lehrstuhl für Gesundheitsökonomie und -management
Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
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Hendrik Jürges

Veröffentlichungen in Top 100 Economics Journals, geordnet nach CL-index:

The effect of central exit examinations on student achievement: Quasi-experimental evidence from TIMSS Germany
Hendrik Jürges, Kerstin Schneider & Felix Büchel
Journal of the European Economic Association 3 (5) 2005, 1134-1155.

What explains DRG upcoding in neonatology? The roles of financial incentives and infant health
Hendrik Jürges & Juliane Köberlein
Journal of Health Economics 43 (2015), 13-26.

Collateral Damage: The German food crisis, educational attainment and labor market outcomes of German post-war cohorts
Hendrik Jürges
Journal of Health Economics 32 (1) 2013, 286-303.

Changes in Compulsory Schooling and the Causal Effect of Education on Health: Evidence from Germany
Daniel Kemptner, Hendrik Jürges & Steffen Reinhold
Journal of Health Economics 30 (2) 2011, 340-354.

Are anchoring vignettes ratings sensitive to vignette age and sex?
Hendrik Jürges & Joachim Winter
Health Economics,  22 (1) 2013, 1-13.

Parental Income and Child Health in Germany
Steffen Reinhold & Hendrik Jürges
Health Economics 21 (4) 2012, 562-579.

Secondary School Fees and the Causal Effect of Schooling on Health Behavior
Steffen Reinhold & Hendrik Jürges
Health Economics 19 (8) 2010, 921-938

True health vs. response styles: Exploring cross-country differences in self-reported health
Hendrik Jürges
Health Economics 16 (2) 2007: 163-178.

Ramadan fasting, sex-ratio at birth, and birth weight: No effects on Muslim infants born in Germany
Hendrik Jürges
Economics Letters 137 (2015), 13-16.

Do Germans Save to Leave an Estate? An Examination of the Bequest Motive
Hendrik Jürges
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 103 (3) 2001, 391-414.

The effect of compulsory schooling on health—evidence from biomarkers
Hendrik Jürges, Steffen Reinhold & Eberhard Kruk
Journal of Population Economics, 26 (2) 2013, 645-672.

Central exit examinations increase performance... but take the fun out of mathematics
Hendrik Jürges & Kerstin Schneider
Journal of Population Economics 23, 2010: 497-517.

Of Rotten Kids and Rawlsian Parents. The Optimal Timing of Intergenerational Transfers
Hendrik Jürges
Journal of Population Economics 13 (1) 2000, 147-157.

Assessment drives learning: The effect of central exit exams on curricular knowledge and mathematical literacy
Hendrik Jürges, Kerstin Schneider, Martin Senkbeil & C. Carstensen
Economics of Education Review,  31 (1) 2012, 56-65.

Does Schooling Affect Health Behavior? Evidence from the Educational Expansion in Western Germany
Hendrik Jürges, Steffen Reinhold & Martin Salm
Economics of Education Review 30 (5) 2011, 862-872.

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